Handmand in Argentina

By the time AWAX bags reach the UK they've already been on a big adventure!

AWAX starts it's life in the heartland of Argentina, as the brainchild of Leonardo Castro. Along with his small team of skilled craftsmen and women, Leonardo works from his home studio in a rural town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. From here they do everything from sourcing the local leather, tanning it using sustainable processes in their self-built workshop, to putting all the bags together by hand.

Every Sunday Leonardo takes his bags to the 'Feria de San Telmo'- a large, bustling Sunday market in the heart of the Barrio San Telmo, the oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. And this is where we come in: AWAX UK is run by Francisco and Sophie, an Argentinian/English couple now living in the UK. Having met Leonardo and bought one of his bags many years ago, from that same Sunday market, we could see the passion, integrity and care put in to producing quality, robust, classic bags that really do stand the test of time. So, we thought it was about time AWAX took the long voyage across the Atlantic to the UK.


Locally sourced materials

All the leather used on Awax bags comes from the local cattle farms in the province of Buenos Aires, near to Leonardo's home. We like to call it 'free range leather,' as the cows used to produce the leather spend their time roaming the sprawling pampas fields that define this region. This free range life is great for the cattle, and we believe an important part of our responsible process, and those cows love a good roll around in the grass! Sometimes all this frolicking leaves a mark, and you may notice that some of our leather has small scratches or imperfections. These could be removed using strong chemical processes or by creating a lot of leather wastage, but that wouldn't fit with our sustainable ethos, and anyway here at AwaxUK we love all of nature's imperfections and find they just add to the character of each bag. It's also one of the best 'free range labels' we could have! However, if this leaves you running for the hills, we suggest you choose a bag with black leather, as any small dimples or scratches are barely noticeable under the dark dye.



Sustainable, fairtrade, quality

Argentina is a country full of passion (if you've ever seen a Boca vs River football match, you'll know what I mean!) Argentinians will pour their heart and soul into something they love. 

It's this passion that drive Leonardo and his team. The whole manufacturing process is carefully considered and produced by a team of skilled artisans, who have honed their skills over many years. Each bag is meticulously crafted from start to finish, with time and care put into each stage of production to ensure high quality, robust, well-designed bags that will endure whatever life throws at them.  


Here at AwaxUK we buy all our bags directly from the team in Argentina, who set their own prices and pay, making it a fair-trade partnership. We highly value the skills put into making each bag, and therefore are willing to pay a fair price for this premium quality. 

Both the team in Argentina and us here at AwaxUK are passionate about the environment and our impact on it. Therefore we try to be as sustainable as possible.

The Awax workshop includes its own leather processing and tanning facilities, so we know exactly how each bag is produced-from start to finish. The leather used is sourced as a by-product of the large beef industry within Argentina. No harsh chemicals are used in the treatment of the leather, keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. And last but not least, we hope to be part of the tide against throw-away culture; Awax bags are not mass-produced fast fashion. These bags are not made to simply last a summer of fun, but a lifetime of escapades. Whether you’re going sightseeing in Europe, Tango dancing in Argentina or simply for a picnic in your local park, these bags will be your trusty companion for all of life's adventures.